1. Custom Home Builders

    Important Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builders

    Everyone knows there’s no place like home. If you’re thinking about designing a custom home, it’s natural to want to ensure that it’s just right for you. The beauty of working with custom home builders is the flexibility you have in the early stages of building. Good custom home builders wil…Read More

  2. Building An Energy-Efficient Home

    When it comes to building a custom home, there’s a near endless list of things you need to take into consideration: size, budget, interior design, location, and much more. However, one thing that many soon-to-be custom home builders often forget about is the energy efficiency of their new home. In…Read More

  3. Signs You’re Ready To Build A Custom Home

    Building a custom home isn’t something that you just get up and do one day. For many people, today’s housing market is more difficult than ever. Families who would’ve thrived in the housing market 20 years ago are now barely getting by. So, when it comes to building a custom home, the bar is s…Read More

  4. Welcome To Our Blog!

    Welcome to our very first blog here at Strata Builders. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team of experts is your top choice for custom homes and home builders in Florida. With the combined expertise of real estate experts, general contractors, designers, and construction professionals…Read More