Whether you’re currently a homeowner or you have been in the past, there may come a time when you’re looking for a little something more to do with your savings than to buy or lease another pre-owned home. Many people across the US instead decide to invest their savings into building the custom home of their dreams. Others will consider this option but may be discouraged by the whole process and may even believe that it isn’t worth the hassle or that they can’t afford it. In this blog, we’re going to demystify the process of building a custom home and ideally, give you the reassurance you need to commit to building your own home if you haven’t already.


Before you can even consider the construction of your new home, you need to set your own needs and wants in order and find the best home builder in Florida to get the job done. If you’re working or have kids who need to get to school everyday, make sure everything is within a good distance from where you want to build in. Another thing to consider is how developed the area is that you’re looking at. When you’re buying a pre-owned home, you won’t have to deal with this because it will already be in an established neighborhood. However, custom homes are not the same. You may be in a neighborhood that doesn’t have anyone living in it yet. It’s best to have a sort of projection of what the neighborhood will look like so you can imagine living there.

Find A Contractor Or Custom Home Builder

After you’ve established exactly what you want and where you want it, it’s time to find either a home contractor or a custom home builder. So what’s the difference between the two? Home contractors do not specialize in home development like construction or improvement. Instead, they organize resources and hire experts to get the various tasks done. On the other hand, a home building company does the whole project with their own team of experts and professionals. The only time custom home builders will sub-contract is if for certain jobs like plumbing, electrical and things of that nature. These will be calculated into the overall costs once the home is built.

custom home builders

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “which one should I choose?” Generally, custom home builders are going to be the best choice for most people due to the fact that there’s much less to worry about on your end and there are more opportunities to cut costs. With a home contractor, you’ll have to go out of your way to find architects, designers, and construction experts or rely on your contractor to do it which will cost you for each task performed. Additionally, this means that your home building team is already accustomed to working with each other, so they’ll be much more efficient and save you a lot of time and money. Another benefit to working with a home builder is that since they’re used to working with material suppliers, you may get some discounts on that for bigger projects. Home contractors don’t always have these ties.

Contact Strata Homes

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