Imagine, you’ve had a hard day. Whether it was work, kids, or errands, your nerves are shot. As you return home, you feel all of these stresses melt away because you have just pulled into the driveway of the most beautiful house on the block. The house that you designed and built from the ground up. This is my day every day and I have Strata Homes to thank for it.

I think most people enter into a new build meeting with a level of heightened emotions. You want what you want and you’re worried that it may not be in the budget. For me, I wanted granite counter tops, 42 inch cabinets, large well insulated windows, a very well insulated house, ceiling fans in every room, stainless steal appliances, tons of storage, and a large garage with an attic I could stand up in. As the words “Well, that is not a problem, that is all standard with Strata Homes” were spoken, I knew I had found the right team for me. Grant Gibson and Chris Feamster were an absolute delight to work with. We found the right piece of property and we designed a house that would maximize the beautiful views without going over budget.

Every step of the way, the entire Strata team came together to make sure that every vision I had for my house came to life. From the large over sized bed rooms to the custom wood work, I couldn’t be happier with the decision I have made. Thanks to Grant, Chris and Strata, I have a beautiful, rock solid, energy efficient, Parade of Homes award winning home.

Cathy - Astatula, FL